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Rungs In The Ladder

The ladders represented in these images each share a story derived from their contextual surroundings.  Temporarily left behind by their owners, the ladders suggest, at first glance, tools that are used to help an individual climb up or down.  Upon further contemplation the images raise questions such as: Why is it there?  Where does it lead?  What purpose does it serve?  When viewed metaphorically, the images can suggest existential questions such as: Where am I going?  What will my life lead to?  What purpose do I serve?  The series also addresses how an object that is traditionally used for work or to symbolize one’s progression in the workplace, can also be used to help reflect on the more important aspects of life. Take a step back (or down).

The End You Are Here The MacDonald Sisters Family Back To Square One
From The Bottom Up Set In Stone Resolve Hole Up Beyond
Against The Grain Little Giant Hard Wear The Neighbors Bound for Somewhere

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Rungs In The Ladder

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