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Cabazon Elementary School,
Cabazon, California (1934 – 2001)

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In 2001 the community of Cabazon opened a new elementary school campus leaving the previous elementary school campus behind.  The original Cabazon Elementary School was built in 1934.  After serving the community for 67 years the school population out-grew the campus.  Bathrooms were converted into classrooms, the library was located in the nurse’s office and the special education class had to be held on the school stage.  In addition to the lack of space, several hazards made the school unsafe.  The most concerning of the hazards include the school’s location between Interstate 10 and a railroad track.  The school’s location near a curve on the interstate resulted in several car accidents wherein cars lost control and ended up on the school campus.  The nearby railroad track services trains, which carry hazardous materials.  The water pressure on the campus did not thoroughly flush the toilets and the septic tank was too small for the school’s population.  Odors from the sewage often reached the classrooms. 

The new school campus contains three more classrooms than the previous school along with a computer lab and large multi-purpose room.  The Morongo Band of Mission Indians also donated $54,000 in new playground equipment.  Although the community of Cabazon is pleased with the new $3.1 million school, the school is still looking for volunteers to help teach reading and mathematics.

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