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Pasadena Unified School District Schools:

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Allendale Elementary School, Pasadena, California (1949 – 2006)
Linda Vista Elementary School (Original campus), Pasadena, California (1888 – 2004)
Linda Vista Elementary School (Audubon campus), Altadena, California
Noyes Elementary School, Altadena, California
Thomas A. Edison Elementary School, Altadena, California

Many lower and middle class residents of Pasadena have moved and continue to move inland due to skyrocketing housing prices.  The lack of school-aged children resulted in Pasadena Unified School District’s (PUSD) decision to close four elementary schools at the end of the 2005 – 2006 school year.  The school closures included Allendale, Noyes, Linda Vista and Thomas A. Edison schools.  During the time the district made announcements regarding the closures, important details about Linda Vista were left out.  In 2004 Linda Vista Elementary School moved from its original location at 1259 Linda Vista Ave in Pasadena, California to a temporary location at 725 West Altadena Ave. in Altadena, California known as the Audubon campus.   The move was for the purpose of renovating the original campus.  The renovation promised 15 new classrooms, two staff lounges and a multipurpose room.  In the summer of 2006 neighbors in the area commented that the only construction that had gone on was the removal of asbestos ridden classroomsThe original campus will remain closed while the Audubon campus will be leased to Odyssey Charter School, which brings Pasadena’s loss of public schools to five.  Under Proposition 39, passed by California voters in 2000, PUSD must provide school sites for area charters.  Competition from Odyssey and other area charter schools may draw families away from the public schools resulting in further enrollment declines and possible future closures.

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